Bhutan Photography Workshop 4 to 15th September 2018

DATE:  4 to 15th September 2018


Step back in time…..and embrace the pure energy of Bhutan…as we travel over spectacular mountain passes, through valley floors and onto ancient cities where you will experience a mixture of modern development alongside ancient traditions. Climb up to one of the most famous of Bhutan’s monasteries, perched on the side of a cliff 900m above the Paro floor.

It is said that the guru Rinpoche arrived here on the back of a tigress and meditated at this monastery and hence it is called “Tigers Nest”. Famous for its incredible art, treasures, spirituality and buddhism this journey will be a precious moment in time as you explore the monasteries, interact with the people and learn to listen to your inner self as you reconnect with the wisdom shared throughout this wonderful land. Having opened its borders for the first time less than 40 years ago it has gained an almost mystical status as a real life Shangri-la with emphasis on spiritual growth of its people, the preservation of nature and the stunning monasteries scattered through its lands and most importantly the happiness and welfare of its people.

We have so many magical experiences awaiting you on our very special spiritual pilgrimage through the Kingdom of the “Thunder Dragon”.

Join me on this 13 day adventure, led by Tshering who has been guiding for over 23 years and is considered one of the senior guides in the kingdom. He is highly respected and extremely knowledgeable with a wonderful sense of humour. He has guided many National Geographic Photography Tours so you are in the best of hands. We have negotiated opportunities for you to shoot during ceremonies and also with locals, which will be fantastic.


1. Your workshop fee is all-inclusive. Just book your flight to Bangkok and we take care of the rest. We'll book your flight to Bhutan even. We greet you at the airport, put your luggage in our private vehicle, and drive you around this amazing country. From there ALL your luxury accommodation, gourmet meals, and transportation costs are taken care of.

Other workshops offer a cheaper price perhaps. But when you read the inclusions, you’ll find that the fee only includes tuition. On top of that you need to pay for your vehicle hire, drive yourself to the workshop, pay for your own accommodation, your food, your drinks, etc. We don’t believe in misleading you - just offering you the best experience at the best price.

2. You’ll get to all the right places at the right times with ample time to photograph each location. Our itinerary is very carefully planned to have you get the very best photographs from the workshop. We will maximise your time so that you see the best that the region has to offer in the precious time you’ve taken to join us. If you were to do this on your own, it would take several weeks to find the best locations at the best times of day.

3. You’re NOT one of 20 people on the workshop, lost in the crowd and not having your questions answered. Unfortunately I’ve seen and heard this far too often. You don’t want to be waiting for hours in line to get your shot and potentially miss the shot altogether. 

Our small group of just 8 participants means that you won’t be waiting hours. Because Tom is there to guide you - and NOT take photographs for himself - you’ll receive one-on-one tuition whenever you need it. He will assist you with getting the very best from your camera, helping you with light and composition, and teaching you his latest techniques.

4. Small groups mean a strong camaraderie amongst the participants is formed early. Because our groups are small - 6 to 8 participants on each workshop - and because we travel together, friendships form quickly. We all have a fantastic time and because we share the love of photography, there’s always plenty to talk and laugh about. Many friendships have blossomed from our workshops and will continue for many years to come.

5. Our workshops are just that - a workshop not a tour. A tour will take you to the location and leave you to your own devices. Your own your own to find the right places to photograph and get it right in your camera. A workshop is more practical - we’ll take you to the best locations at the right time. But we’ll also show you where the best places are to shoot, and photograph along side you to show you what we’re capturing as a guide for your image making. We’ll be there to assist you with your photograph every step of the way - from setting up your tripod to downloading your images and offering helpful camera and post-processing techniques. That way you’ll come away from our workshop with the best photographs possible.

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You’ll learn:


  • how to get the very best from your camera
  • set up your camera for professional quality images


  • how to correctly set up your tripod
  • how to shoot and stitch panoramic images


  • how to read a histogram and get the correct exposure each time
  • the relationship between ISO, shutter speed and aperture
  • to shoot on manual to get the best shots possible


  • a few simple tricks to compose your images and take them from ordinary to extraordinary
  • how to identify the best features of a landscape
  • identify the key distractions that ruin your images and how to avoid them
  • learn to see the more intimate landscape


  • how to see and capture light


  • how to get the very best from your lenses
  • how to get the best from your wide angle lens
  • how to get the very best from your telephoto lens
  • how to use hyperlocal focusing to achieve maximum sharpness in your images
  • how to focus stack your images for front to back sharpness


  • how to shoot stars and star trails
  • light painting at night


  • super quick editing techniques to find your best images to process
  • a fast and efficient way to process your images for maximum impact


  • the best photographic resources on the web
  • the best places to have photo books printed
  • the best places for printing canvas, acrylic and fine art prints

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When I started photo workshops back in 2005, there were very few people running them.

These days it seems that everyone is doing them!!

So why go on a photo workshop??

Here's my list of TOP 10 reasons to come on my photo workshops:

  1. Learn from a professional in their field
  2. Fast-track your learning
  3. Receive one-on-one tuition
  4. Discover hidden locations that you wouldn't necessarily find yourself
  5. Unlike other general tours, we spend all the time you need at a location to get the shots you need.
  6. Get the very best results from your camera with my guidance
  7. Critique sessions throughout the workshop provide valuable feedback on your images
  8. Learn from other participants who share their knowledge and experiences
  9. Receive unlimited email support from me following the workshop to help answer any questions
  10. Receive quality workshop notes that teach you the photography shortcuts for topics like reading light, composition, using Lightroom, printing at home etc.

CALL ME on (03) 8678 1780 - I'd love to talk with you more about the workshops.

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